Scientific Anglers UST SD Shooting Head Intermediate / Sink 5

  • Scientific Anglers UST SD Shooting Head Intermediate / Sink 5
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 Featuring a powerful taper, HI-VIZ tracer, Seamless Density sinking technology and Shooting Textured surface. The UST SD allows you to get the fly out to the fish FAST with no effort, and fish the fly at the desired depth and speed.

FFE have developed a new series of shooting heads for the European angler that spend their summers chasing salmon and seatrout! The development work has been done in close cooperation with Scientific Anglers with the specific goal of developing a series of lines that we would be proud to call “badass fishing tools”.
The idea was not only to create a series of shooting heads that make the thousands of casts a hardcore angler cycle through during a season seem effortless, they should fish really well too. To accomplish our goals, these lines are packed with the latest technology developments that Scientific Anglers have to offer.

• Powerful taper designed to load modern rods. Turns over heavy flies and long leaders while maintaining a precise delivery of the fly. Handles large fly patterns with excellent turnover.

• Vibrantly colored tracer at the rear end of the head for full control of the swing on distance or in low light conditions.

• The Seamless Density sinking technology provides a super-smooth transition between different densities, eliminating hinging and providing a straight line connection to the fly.

• Exceptional long sinking tips ensure deep and controlled presentations of the fly.

• Shooting Texture allows the line to be easily lifted from the depth before the next cast.



7/8 wt. 31g/480GR 11,3m/37.1’
8/9 wt. 35g/540GR 11,7m/38.4’
9/10 wt. 39g/600GR 12,1m/39.7’
10/11 wt. 44g/680GR 12,5m/41.0’


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