Scientific Anglers UST Shooting Head Super Fast Sink 750/850 Grain

Scientific Anglers UST Shooting Head Super Fast Sink 750/850 Grain


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These single density lines are for the fastest water and the deepest pools. The one objective of these lines is to get the fly down deep quickly! The new UST taper and the textured surface make these sinking lines much easier to handle especially when bringing to the surface before casting.

UST EXPRESS 850 Grain heads has the same density as the EXPRESS 750 just heavier which makes them get down even deeper. The taper design enables these lines to fish deeper than other grain rated lines on the market.

Our new taper design has most of the weight distributed at the back of the head with no rear taper which gives easier rod loading and aids positioning for changing direction when Spey casting.
The new taper also gives higher line speeds and helps form tighter more efficient loops.
The extended forward taper delivers the fly with authority but also finesse for great presentation.
The taper design gives unparalleled mending abilities and line control when fishing.
The versatility of the taper allows for both short and long distance casts.
The textured lines low diameter gives superior performance in strong winds.
The sink tips are designed to cut through the water and get the fly down to the fishing depth faster.
Designed for use with both conventional and poly leaders.

750 GRAIN 48,6g 11,2m
850 GRAIN 55,1g 11,2m


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