Cheeky Kołowrotek Tyro 300 2-4

  • Cheeky Kołowrotek Tyro 300 2-4
  • Cheeky Kołowrotek Tyro 300 2-4
  • Cheeky Kołowrotek Tyro 300 2-4
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Producent: Cheeky Fishing
Dostępność: w magazynie

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Targeted Species: Trout, Grayling, Bluegill


While it’s rare to find a fly reel emphasizing performance and value, we’re confident we have struck the perfect balance with the Tyro Series. How did we do it? By combining the advantages of die-casting with the precision and finish qualities of CNC machining. Each Tyro frame and spool utilizes die-casting technology to maximize stability and durability, while other components such as the reel foot, drag knob, and spool knob are CNC machined to provide that superior finish Cheeky Fishing is known for.

At 4.6 oz and 3" in diameter, the Tyro 300 fly fishing reel packs a mean punch in a light and compact package. Perfect for any small water application, the Tyro 300’s Rev Carbon Drag System will halt any trout that dares to put it to the test and the B2 Channel provides more than enough line capacity for any elusive monster you may encounter.

Rev Carbon Drag System
Lightweight design (4.6 oz)
B2 Channel
Quick change spool
Simple L/R retrieve conversion
Silent retrieve
Reel case included
Fly Line Backing Spool does not include rigging service

Weight: 130g.
Diameter: 76mm.
Width: 20,3mm.
Line Weight: 2-4 WT.

Waga: 130g.
Średnica: 76mm.
Szerokość: 20,3mm.
Linka: 2-4 WT.

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